Nick Gilly, Ed.D.

I believe in people.  Upon moving to Europe I used to feel down due to the inability to fully express myself in language.  I learned quickly that demonstrations of kindness, helpfulness, joy, and love superseded perceptions of my academic degrees, former job titles, or witticisms.  Being accepted was based on the former, not the latter.  

Reflection brought me to see the prominence that cultural competence plays in life and educating students.  The Bounce Collective is a blending my passion for learning, culture, and people. I seek to use my expertise in teaching and learning to share with others the importance that integrity, acceptance, communication, common-good, and care plays in their future success of students.    

In today’s world, with today’s challenges- I can see nothing else more relevant.


Nick entered the field as a science teacher in both the high school and middle school settings in suburban Philadelphia, PA school districts.  He served in administrative capacities at middle and high schools, as well as at the school district levels.  

Nick hails from the Lehigh Valley, PA in the United States and has spent years living in Switzerland and Ireland.  He is married with two children and currently lives in Luzern, Switzerland.

Areas of Expertise

  • Teaching and Learning
  • New Teacher Instruction
  • Leadership and Strategic Consulting

Interests and Tidbits

  • Working with International Educators
  • Travel, Language, Cuisine 
  • Creating opportunities for disenfranchised students

My Super Powers come from…

  • Raising my children from birth as a stay-at-home dad while following my wife’s career to Switzerland and Ireland.  


Nick Gilly

 Chief Officer and Founder

Doctor of Education -Educational Leadership.     

            Arcadia University, Glenside, PA USA


Masters of Science – Educational Leadership

           Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA. USA


Bachelor of Science – Secondary Science Education

           Penn State University, University Park ,PA. USA



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